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We build great teams.

Connections Matter

At Masonboro Partners, we bring great talent to great teams. Our focus is on placing driven and highly-skilled individuals in engaging, upward moving positions at the leading sales, marketing, IT and finance organizations of tomorrow. As a specialized human resources provider, we work primarily with private equity, venture capital backed and self-financed software enterprises. Our massive network includes innovative start-ups and fast-growing mid-market enterprises with business capital ranging from $0 - 100 million.

We place tomorrow's leaders.

From Chief Revenue Officers, to VP of Sales, to Lead Qualifiers, to Individual Contributors, we hand pick the right talent for the right team.

We deliver positive results.

We complete 90% of our searches in 40 days or less, with results as early as 48 hours after you enter our database.

We are downright connected.

We have dozens of technology, finance and telecom companies in our network and are actively engaged in numerous regional networks.

We are always working.

Our extensive in-house database is consistently leveraged and cross-referenced with thousands of pre-screen candidates and openings.

We make connections

We build great sales, marketing, IT and finance teams, handpicking the right candidates for the right job. We make the connections, bridging talent to openings, and ensure that the thousands of candidates we place have a high rate of retention, contribute according to their abilities, and are compatible with their work atmosphere at both the professional and personal levels. Success is not about having more people on the team. It's about having the right people on the team. Let us bring you that success.


To make the right connections you have to be in the right networks. Masonboro Partners is an active member in several major professional networks.


Mid-Atlantic Venture Association



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Talented People

Get Connected

People aren’t just skill sets, and companies aren’t just employers.

We put people where they need to be, in the work environments where they will have the greatest positive impact. We’ll start the relationship, and deliver the results. We just need your resume.

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Our Team

Anthony knows the financial services sector like no other. He’s been instrumental in sourcing deals and recruiting top talent to round out management teams at growing companies for years.

The Search Process

Recruiting is not a boilerplate process. Every company is unique, which is why we make sure we understand the details of the opening just as much as we understand your work environment and office dynamics. Having worked with hundreds of executive teams, we're well aware of the subtle differences between proposing a good candidate and placing the right candidate. Our search process is a proven, customized approach to placement, focusing on speed to placement, matching talent to openings, and pairing candidate personalities to office environments.

We Build The Profile

By developing a clear image of your corporate culture, the ideal candidate and interview process, we can deploy an efficient recruitment strategy.

We Begin The Search

We put together a targeted list of candidates and initiate the first round of calls and interviews to determine their viability for the position.


We Manage The Process

Once qualified candidates have been identified, we will work with your team to schedule interviews and manage the debriefing process after each one.

We Secure The Best Talent

After the candidate has been selected, we'll check their references and help oversee final round negotiations for salary and other job details.

Our Clients

From disruptive startups to high growth mid-market software companies, we’ve been placing talent at many of the industry’s most important rising businesses.


Our Skills

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Experience 85%
Talented People 75%
Advisor 70%
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Areas of Expertise

At Masonboro Partners, our team is comprised of dedicated industry experts who have years of search and industry experience. No matter how large or small your recruitment challenges may be, Masonboro Partners has the experience to get the job done.

Candidate FAQ

What happens to my resume after it is submitted?

If your background is a match for one of our current opportunities, a search representative will contact you within 48 hours. If not, we will store your Resume/CV in the Masonboro Partners database for future searches and openings.

Will my resume be sent to companies without my knowledge?

No. Your resume will never leave our in-house database without prior consent from you. Your recruiter will work with you and keep you informed throughout the process.

Are there any fees for candidates?

No. Applications are free, and neither will you be charged when we find you a position.

Does Masonboro Partners only fill management positions?

No, we work with our clients to provide a full service solution that involves placing individuals in a variety of positions ranging from sales reps all the way up to chief marketing officers.

Why should I choose Masonboro Partners?

We have a proven track record and some of the best connections in the business world.

Employer FAQ

I don't see an office in my location, can you still find us a candidate?

Yes. We have a national footprint, though keep in mind that we are more inclined to take on searches that we know we can excel in and have the available bandwidth.

Why should we use Masonboro Partners for our search needs?

We’re professional, experienced, flexible and take a personalized, hands-on approach to every search. We have a proven track record connecting passive candidates to openings and find the most compelling ways to tell your story when reaching out to potential candidates. We are also passionate about our business yours.

Do you work on a retainer-only basis?

No, we work on a contingent-based model and are committed to getting the search completed efficiently.

Do your searches come with a guarantee?

Yes. Please contact us for the specifics.

Do you offer background checks?

Yes. We offer a number of background services upon request.

What are some roles your recruiters have helped fill recently?

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Vice President, Sales & Marketing Vice President, Federal Sales

Vice President, World Wide Sales

Vice President, Marketing

Vice President, Product Marketing

Vice President, Engineering

Managing Director

Product Marketing Manager

Channel Sales Manager


Financial Planners

Director of Sales, Civilian

Director of Sales, DoD

DoD Manager

Marketing Manager

Sales Representatives

Federal Sales Representatives

Reach Out

Interested in learning more about our process, past placements and recruitment strategies? Reach out to our team using the form below.

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